Baby Chat – A 30 min phone consultation to discuss whatever is on your mind.


I know that sometimes there are things that will be worrying you, or that you want to talk about, but that don’t need a full on consultation with follow up etc. and I also understand that money may be tight which is why I have kept the cost right down.

With this in mind I offer a 30 min phone call to talk about whatever is on your mind.

Things that I can help with

– pre-birth anxiety for mothers or fathers.
– pre-birth planning regarding equipment e.g what will be really useful, what not to waste your money on, what really works well etc.
– Parenting choices – helping you figure out how you feel about feeding, routine, sleep, crying, and how you can best fit baby in to your lifestyle.
– Trouble shooting and problem solving anything that you are having difficulty with including breast/bottle feeding, settling or keeping baby asleep, PND, bonding, siblings, relatives, illness, vaccinations, travelling/holidays, adjusting/developing routines, going back to work, development/milestones etc.

If you are interested just email me at and we can arrange a time for me to call you. I will ask you to write down a few notes, via email, about what it is you want to talk about as this means that out time chatting will be more productive.

I have done many of these chats and know we can cover a lot of ground in the 30 mins plus, I am pretty easy going about timing 🙂

If you feel you need extra help we can work out a package to suit your needs/budget and take it from there so please get in touch if you feel I may be able to help.
Sarah x

Price – £20 for 30 mins telephone consultation.

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