Maternity Nurse Booking

Short visits can be arranged for Trouble Shooting and Welcome Home Packages (see individual pages) but for Maternity Bookings I have a 2 week minimum due to the uncertainty of baby’s arrival and the resulting complications for timing bookings.

Maternity bookings involve me coming to your home once baby is born (or sometimes a couple of days before) and staying for however long you decide, and can be from 2 weeks to 3 months.

I work 24hrs a day, 5 or 6 days a week so I am on hand to help whenever you need me.

I have 2 hrs time off a day to have a break and catch up on sleep, but also sometimes nap whilst baby sleeps.

I usually have baby sleep in my room (or I sleep in the Nursery), for safety reasons, and because the quicker I get to know them, the better I can do my job.

I can take over the night feeds to give parents much needed rest, or if breastfeeding, I take baby to Mum to nurse, then wind and settle baby so Mums sleep is disturbed as little as possible.

I also take care of the nursery, babies laundry and pumps, bottles, sterilisation and feed preparation

I make sure Mum has food and drink (but don’t ask me to cook unless you have a death wish !)

What is my job ?

I am there to help you become competent, confident, happy and relaxed parents as quickly as I possibly can.

I am there to teach, to reassure, and to advise you on all aspects of babycare, including

  • Equipment
  • Nursery set up.
  • Parenting Styles (finding something that suits your lifestyle/preference)
  • Feeding (Equal support for breast feeding, bottle feeding, and combination feeding)
  • Routines.
  • Sleeping (settling, swaddling, soothing, safe sleep practises for Apnea and SIDS)
  • Winding (positions, techniques, strategies, signs and symptoms)
  • Handling, Bathing and Dressing Baby.
  • Play and Development.
  • First Aid and Illness.
  • Sibling and Animal Integration.
  • Trouble shooting and Problem Solving.
  • Planning for future changes
  • Confidence and Anxiety Issues

There so many challenges to being a parent but, above all else, it should be a wonderful, fun experience and that is what I aim to make it 🙂 x

Price £190 per 24hr day plus travel.

Deposit for booking is 1 weeks wage (to act as the final weeks pay) which is non refundable except for exceptional medical circumstances.



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