My main reason for writing my Baby Detective book was to try and reach out and help as many people as possible and so, with this in mind, I have created a new set of services and packages that I hope will provide useful in a wide variety of situations.

I understand that it is not only situations that vary, but also budget so I have tried to build in a certain amount of flexibility based on length of booking, type and length of follow up and cost sharing opportunities with multiple clients so please take a look at the following pages to see booking possibilities in more detail.

If you don’t see anything that suits your needs or your budget please get in touch and see if we can talk it through and figure out something that will work for us both as I am very flexible, and, just like in parenting…there is always a way if you look hard enough, and if it turns out that I can’t help you I will do my very best to put you in touch with someone who can.

Sarah xx


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