2 Week Follow Up

  •  Ongoing support from me via email, whatsapp or messenger.
  • Unlimited access for 2 weeks.
  • Replies within 3 hours at most, usually much less, often instant.
  • Progress assessment
  • Ongoing adjustments to action plans or routines as required.

** Please Note – Payment for all Consultations, Calls, Follow Up/Written Reports and for Maternity Bookings up to 5 days will be invoiced at the time of booking, and must be paid within 24 hours in order to confirm the booking. Maternity Nurse bookings longer than 5 days will require a deposit of 1 week (5 or 6 days) to confirm the booking which acts as the final weeks pay, with the remainder being invoiced on a weekly basis and must be paid in full before the end of the booking. All payments are non refundable unless the booking is cancelled due to extreme medical emergency**


What Actually Happens ?

40 minute phone call.

This is a very flexible and useful contact and can be used as a preliminary call to discuss a problem and to decide how you want to move forwards and work with me to solve it, in which case the cost of the call is deducted from your final invoice.

Alternatively, you may have a quick question that we can deal with in a short time, or you are constrained by budget. If this is the case I will do my absolute best to give you as much help as possible in the time available, help you figure out the problem, and give you ideas and suggestions for making positive changes, and tips on how to do basic record keeping and assess what changes you make. If you are worried about the 30 mins not being enough I am happy to chat via email a couple of times before we speak so we can make the most of the call.

This is also a good option for either parents to talk through any pre-birth worries or anxieties you have, or need a bit of help deciding what feeding or parenting style you might choose, or you could use the time to discuss what you need to buy to prepare for your baby.

Phone/Skype Consultation.

This is your hour to talk about whatever is worrying you, and I promise you that together we will find a way to help you.

You could be struggling with something practical such as how to trouble shoot breastfeeding issues, how to wind more efficiently, how to improve baby’s sleep, how to get a better routine in place or how to plan an outing or holiday with your new baby.

You might have a health issue yourself, or your baby may be suffering from colic or reflux, or have another condition, all of which could benefit from particular attention to help relieve pain, or improve everyone’s quality of life.

Or it could be something less tangible such as anxiety, lack of confidence, maybe you just don’t feel like are coping, or have become isolated and unable to socialise with other parents and enjoy your life as a parent.

Whatever the problem might be we will arrange a time that suits you and then I will phone or Skype you and we will talk. You can tell me what is worrying and I will ask questions to try and help me get a clear picture of what exactly is going on.

This is the first part of my Aim (Assess.Investigate.Modify) problem solving process that I describe in my book, and it will enable us to see clearly what is happening.

Once we are agreed on the problem, we can begin the second stage which is the Investigation (it sounds scary but it really isn’t). Together we will talk through all the possible factors that might be contributing to the problem e.g What is affecting baby ? What might be making things worse ? Who might be contributing to a situation ? (often without actually realising it) and continue until we have complete list of ‘suspects’

The third and final stage is where we figure out what we need to Modify in order to change things, either baby’s behaviour or your confidence, or whatever the problem is. Between us we will decide what to change and in what order, one thing at a time, so we can decide if it was effective or not.

The price includes a written report which will be delivered by email within 24 hours of the call. It will recap what we have talked about, highlight the main issues, and set out a plan of action for progressing, based on what we decided to modify as a result of our investigation together.

This will help to keep you on track, and to implement changes effectively and consistently, and can be particularly useful if one partner is absent during the original call, or you want to share the results with other carers or grandparents.

Whilst our call should give you a thorough understanding of the problem and what needs to be done to change things for the better I understand that some parents may feel the process of adapting routines or behaviours to be quite daunting so the package also includes 2 weeks of follow up with me.

This means that for 2 weeks you have unlimited back up via email, text, messenger or Whatsapp, whichever is easiest for you. You can contact me between 8am and 9pm/7 days a week and I am usually able to respond very quickly. If I am with clients you may have to wait for up to 3 hours but in reality it is rarely ever this long.

The ongoing contact makes it much easier to implement effective changes because you can report how things are going, and I can make suggestions if things aren’t going well, or we can bounce ideas back and forth to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.

It also helps because babies (and adults) don’t always behave as we think they will, so the ongoing contact helps deal with unpredictability, and sometimes it just helps to have someone to share things with.

Written Report and Follow Up

In order to allow you as much flexibility when considering package options I also offer the written reports and follow up as separate options so they can be used in conjunction with the 30 minute phone calls, or as add-ons to any of the other services I provide.

For example, you may choose a 40 m in phone call with a written report, or two 40 min calls plus 2 weeks follow up etc.

For even more flexibility you can also have just 1 weeks follow up for £30.

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