“After caring for my daughter myself for the first 3 months Sarah came to help when I returned to filming. Her experience, insight and problem solving skills were invaluable and ensured that everybody’s needs were more than met.”

Sienna Miller


“We are never taught how to bring up a baby
Parents are expected to be “perfect parents” from the moment they hold their newborn in their arms however nothing could be further from the truth. Sarah Norris has over 150,000 hours of experience of looking after thousands of babies and covers the knowledge gained over a period of a quarter of a century of hands-on care in a simple and practical book. The book is a roadmap for each family to become their own baby’s detective, to understand the seemingly complex clues that our babies are sending out and solve their ever-changing problems. This is a wonderful must-have book that needs to be one of the first items on the shopping list for new parents right up there with prams, cots and nappies.”

Dr Neil Shah, MD MRCP (UK)

Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist

“This book is full of easy to follow, practical advice that actually works! My sleepless 10 month old was sleeping through after following Sarah’s advice after just three nights, and more importantly for me, neither me or my baby were left feeling traumatised by the experience. Wish I had had this book in time for my first baby too! ”

Jade Parfitt

Model, Presenter

Simply life changing for us and our baby
“This book has without any exaggeration been life changing for my 6 week old daughter, myself and my husband. Applying Sarah’s approach and the techniques set out in this very easy to read and understand book (even at 3 am with a crying baby) has enabled us to get back some control and really be able to help our daughter become a more settled and contented baby. Sarah’s winding technique is a game changer. Since learning and implementing Sarah’s technique our daughter has gone from waking every 30 or 40 minutes in obvious discomfort (hard for any parent to watch) to sleeping at night for 3 or 4 hour stretches between feeds. I couldn’t recommend this book more and in fact it will now be my go to gift for any soon to be parent I know as will a referral to her website!”
Mrs Toman

Buy it!
“I am recommending this book to anyone and everyone! The chapter on winding has helped my 1 month old go from waking 5-6 times a night to only once which is a game changer especially when you already have a 3 year old. As a second time mum, I didn’t think i had that much to learn but this has been a really informed, educational read. If I could send the author flowers, I would!”
Miss A Langdon

Absolute must-have.
“I have only read 30 pages of this book and I feel compelled to write about it already. The bit about winding has been a revelation to me and applying the techniques mentioned in the book has made a world of difference for our 10 week old daughter who had been very agitated when feeding and so hard to settle at night. This book is everything a new mum needs”
Mrs H

Brilliant book that will help every parent find out what works for their baby not what everyone thinks they should do.
“Having a baby is one of the most exciting, amazing but down right terrifying thing that you can do. The worst thing is so many other people did it before you and they ALL know exactly how to look after a baby the right way and solve all problems…… You will get so much advice, from every level and it will all be different, some with even totally conflict with other advice. Its very hard to know what to do for the best and all any parent wants is the best for their baby. No one knows their own baby better than the parents.

In the past, families were much closer, baby books didnt exist, the internet and computers were but a twinkle in someones eye so all parenting advice came from those closest too you. It was simple, straightforward and worked (mostly) but you muddled through as a family. Now everyone knows everything, there are magazines, websites, apps, professionals, tv programs, and books that tell you what you are doing wrong. Its very confusing. Parents know their own child but sometimes they just need reassurance that they are on the right track or what to look for/what is normal or when to get professional help. That is where this book comes in. It mentions being a baby detective, looking at what affects your baby, keeping records and how to do an investigation. It has a section on the all important planning ahead (no parent leaves the house without a certain amount of kit!) it has a whole section on wind – a windy baby is a very unhappy baby and no one wants that.

The book has a handy section on where to get further advice from and what to expect from them. There is also a very good section on emergencies ie when your baby just screams and screams and you are exhausted. Happily its not a PC section or one that following a particular parenting style but one that aims to take you through finding out exactly why the baby is so unhappy and what to do about it but what you can do in the short term starting with a dummy.

The book is keen to point out all babies and families are different and what works for one person wont necessarily work for another and not to be afraid to try different things. Just because no one else that you know does it, it doesnt make it wrong (ie using a dummy).

This book is brilliant at reassuring parents that they do know what they are doing and how to go about looking after YOUR baby your way.Highly recommended.”

Amazon Customer

Finally… a baby book parents can truly hail their Bible.
“Sarah Norris is a modern day Mary Poppins and oh, how I wish this book had been published seven years ago when I was a walking zombie with a baby boy who woke between 3 and 5 times a night… for 14 months!
But I digress.
The Baby Detective covers every aspect of early days parenting in inimitable and foolproof style, and most importantly, without any Gina Ford style ‘advice’. Using a unique method called AIM (Assess, Investigate and Modify) the author encourages parents to re-write the ‘parenting rules’, because no two babies are the same… and every family’s situation is different.
From winding to meltdowns, holidays to swaddling, feeding to sleeping; every big and little part of caring for your baby is thoroughly covered in a sympathetic and genuinely helpful way. But Sarah doesn’t stop there; she also cares about parental well-being and has featured sections on subjects such as entrapment and lack of self-esteem, partners and support groups. All in all, this is the perfect bedside table staple and literary BFF for ALL parents of new babies. A gentle yet powerful guide to help you navigate the oft choppy waters that are bringing a new life into this world, making everything a whole lot less overwhelming!”
Isabella May

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