Sienna Miller.
‘After caring for my daughter myself for the first 3 months Sarah came to help when I returned to filming. Her experience, insight and problem solving skills were invaluable and ensured that everybody’s needs were more than met.’

Jade Parfitt.
“This book is full of easy to follow, practical advice that actually works! My sleepless 10 month old was sleeping through after following Sarah’s advice after just three nights, and more importantly for me, neither me or my baby were left feeling traumatised by the experience. Wish I had had this book in time for my first baby too! ”

Neil Shah
“We are never taught how to bring up a baby
Parents are expected to be “perfect parents” from the moment they hold their newborn in their arms however nothing could be further from the truth. Sarah Norris has over 150,000 hours of experience of looking after thousands of babies and covers the knowledge gained over a period of a quarter of a century of hands-on care in a simple and practical book. The book is a roadmap for each family to become their own baby’s detective, to understand the seemingly complex clues that our babies are sending out and solve their ever-changing problems. This is a wonderful must-have book that needs to be one of the first items on the shopping list for new parents right up there with prams, cots and nappies.”
Dr Neil Shah
Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist

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