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There are so many ways we can work together to help you become more confident and competent.


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Everything you need to know about caring for your baby in their first year … all in one place !

Helping You Become Confident And Competent

Unlock Your Full Parenting Potential. Stop stressing and enjoy your baby.

As a new parent it is too easy to end up trying too hard

You overthink, you worry, you doubt yourself, and you forget the most important parts of having a baby…the cuddles, the quiet moments, and the fun.

But it doesn’t have to be that way

With expert guidance and support you will very quickly learn to relax, have faith in your abilities and instincts, and enjoy every minute of life with your baby.

Feed your baby safely and effectively

Get your baby in to great sleeping habits from birth and deal with any problems

Learn how to wind/burp your baby like a pro

Read your baby so you understand what they are trying to tell you

Adapt routines as baby develops and changes

Learn how to solve your own baby problems

Learn when and how to introduce solid foods

Infant Feeding

Breastfeeding, formula feeding, combination feeding and temporary supplementation. Total support.

Sleep Optimisation

Great sleep habits from birth, reliable sleep signals, bad habits to avoid


When to wean, finger foods or puree, and how to make it easy and fun

Childcare Options and Return to Work

Preparation and transition

What Is Parent Coaching?
Who is it For?

Parent Coaching is just another name for one to one training. It is an opportunity for you to get the help you need in a friendly and supportive way, enabling you to get the results you need quickly and efficiently.

So who would benefit from 1-1 coaching ?

Pregnant women or couples expecting their first baby.
My approach can help you prepare properly for the birth of your first baby, giving you advice and information on all aspects of baby care and equipment, answering your questions and saving you time, money and stress. I am also there for ongoing support so you know you will always have someone trusted you can turn to for help.
Parents expecting their second (3rd, 4th etc) baby
The change from one baby to two is probably the most challenging as you have to juggle everything involved with a new baby, plus the needs and emotions of an older sibling.

You might also be worried about your new baby if you experienced problems with your previous one, so preparation and support will be the key to making things easier this time.

Parents expecting multiple babies
Expecting more than one baby can be as daunting for an experienced parent as it is for a first time parent so preparation, organisation and ongoing support will be vital if you want to gain confidence quickly, and be relaxed enough to enjoy your babies.

I will help you understand what lies ahead, and make sure you have a support network in place for when your babies arrive.

Parents facing a specific problem or emergency situation
I am often called on to help parents who want help when they are facing a problem they can’t cope with on their own.

They may need help with baby’s sleeping, feeding, winding, colic, reflux, or routine, and this is where my 26 years of experience comes in to play as I help you recognise exactly what needs doing, and guide you through the process, offering individualised programmes and ongoing support so the problem is overcome as quickly and easily as possible.

Parents lacking in confidence, or who suffer from , or are worried about, anxiety and depression.
There is so much confusion and pressure surrounding parenting today that it is very common for parents to be worried they won’t be able to cope or be great parents, or that already suffer from anxiety and depression, or indeed, from previous medical conditions that need special attention.

My antidote to this is to listen carefully to the parents, and to provide them with sensible, accurate information and advice. Everything is tailored specifically to their needs and situation, and is all aimed at making life with a new baby easier, safer and more manageable.


Since experiencing motherhood for the first time I have decided that the only thing I am really evangelical about is the invaluable help, advice and support of Sarah Norris. Sarah’s methods, centred around taking each child as the individual they are and figuring out a flexible routine that works for them and their family, are based on a mixture of her years of experience, thorough research into new advances and most importantly common sense

After a difficult birth and a spell back in hospital, I don’t know what we would have done without Sarah. She was incredibly knowledgeable and reassuring from the start and is also very kind. Through a painstaking process of getting the baby used to the breast while feeding with a bottle as we waited for the milk to fully arrive, Sarah helped us establish breastfeeding. It took several weeks to fully establish but I certainly wouldn’t have been able to do it without Sarah, her patience, advice and creative use of various pumps and props”

Sarah honestly saved my sanity and my health. My 5-month-old son’s sleep patterns had got so bad that he was up every 15-30 minutes in the night, and I was sleeping on the floor in his room. It was terrible and I couldn’t see how to fix it. We finally contacted Sarah, and I so wish I would have done it earlier. She was incredibly understanding, non-judgmental and pragmatic in her approach to finding the road back to normality. She provided practical steps in a detailed written plan, but more importantly she was always available by email afterward when I had questions or concerns – so incredibly supportive. Sarah knows babies, and she knows mums too!”

The Baby Detective Book

Let me help you become more confident, more competent, and less, stressed, confused and sleep deprived by sharing my unique, easy to follow problem solving technique.

My Baby Detective book will show you how to understand your baby, how to figure out for yourself what could be causing a problem, and will equip you with a series of useful techniques and strategies that will enable you to implement the solution yourself.

Using case studies to illustrate, I will teach you what things can affect your baby, how to read and understand them, how to cope when they are in meltdown, how to soothe crying, feed effectively, wind/burp thoroughly…and many more useful and practical tips and information.

You Don’t Have To Do This Alone…

Get In Touch And Get The Help, Advice And Support You Need!

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