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What You Need To Know About Life Led Parenting
February 20, 2022
It’s a simple, kind and practical way to pull everything together so that baby fits neatly in to your life with every family member’s needs being met…so no one is left out or sacrificed, including you !

What You Need To Know About Life Led Parenting

It’s a simple, kind and practical way to pull everything together so that baby fits neatly in to your life with every family member’s needs being met…so no one is left out or sacrificed, including you !

Let me use ‘food subscription boxes’ to help explain the concept.

They’re all the rage at the moment, but with so many out there how do you know which one is right for you ? …

To get a food box you sign up, pay, and a company sends you certain ingredients plus recipes and food facts and you cook the meal yourself.

Imagine if you were a family with 2 children and you signed up for the Chilli Box because it’s really popular and all your friends like it.

Every week you receive a box full of ingredients for chilli, with a recipe that takes an hour to prepare, and you have to eat chilli every day.

The recipe tells you this is the only way to make chilli and that every other chilli recipe is wrong, and will be harmful for you and your family if you deviate from the recipe, and it also makes dramatic claims about the ‘magic’ of the ingredients.

Imagine you email and tell them that one child is getting stomach ache from the spiciness, you want to eat less meat, and you don’t have time to spend an hour cooking each meal because you have to work.

Now imagine their response is to tell you to ignore your child’s stomach ache and that it’s your fault for making the chilli wrong.

Imagine they tell you that your feelings about eating meat are irrelevant, and that if you really love your family you would be happy to spend an hour cooking each meal, and everyone else is happy with their box…you are the only one complaining

Would you say ok and carry on, or would you cancel the subscription as fast as possible ?

That Chilli box represents the majority of parenting advice you

 will come across in today’s world.

Everyone touting their own ‘magical method’ that will solve all your problems…and if it doesn’t then you must be doing it wrong.

Real experts, self proclaimed experts, and anyone with a strong opinion are making dramatic claims about how wonderful their method is, and scaring you with the terrible consequences if you don’t follow their advice.

There are so many of these voices all selling a different method that what you end up with is an overwhelming noise in your head that confuses you, cripples you with indecision, and drains your self-confidence.

Because this noise is changing all the time I call it Trend Led Parenting.

Back to the food boxes…

Now I want you to imagine a new and different subscription box, one that sends you lots of different ingredients and explains what each one is, what it does, and what other ingredients it works well with.

It shows you how you can use the ingredients in lots of different recipes, and also encourages you to try creating your own recipes that every member of your family will like.

It gives you lots of recipe ideas for main meals, quick meals, snacks, food to be eaten at home and food that can be eaten out.

There are recipes and ingredients for spicy foods, non-spicy foods, cold foods, hot foods, side dishes, sweet and savoury, party foods, breakfasts, diets foods, and foods for picky eaters or people with medical needs.

Imagine if you get in touch with this new subscription company and said one of your children was getting stomach ache, and they immediately reply with a plan to help you figure out which ingredient is causing the problem and then help you find a suitable substitute.

Imagine if you tell them you don’t have time to cook so much because you have to work and they reply with understanding, and give you intelligent, useful suggestions to create a meal plan that works around your work schedule and still leaves you some time for yourself !

Imagine you tell them you’ve heard that a particular ingredient is harmful and they respond with reassuring information based on real facts.

Imagine that after a month on this subscription box you are more relaxed, more organised, and more confident about feeding your family in ways that work for every member of the family, and that mealtimes are now happy events with no complaints, battles or tantrums.

Imagine how empowering it would be if you understood what all the ingredients do and how you could use them to improve or alter recipes any time you need for years to come.

That is what Life Led Parenting is all about…giving you what you need to care for your babies and every member of your family, with                                       no one being left out or sacrificed.

You don’t have to give up your sleep for the next 2 years.

You don’t have to give up the career you worked hard for.

You don’t have to sacrifice your social life, your hobbies, or your dreams.

Your babies don’t have to scream and cry because you don’t understand what they need.

You don’t have to be crippled by guilt or confusion.

You don’t have to beggar yourself by spending a fortune on gadgets and toys and things you don’t need and won’t use.

You don’t have to ignore your other children or your partner, family and friends because you are too busy or exhausted caring for your baby.

You won’t be left feeling overwhelmed and inadequate and wondering how you will ever be a good mum or dad.

You don’t have to lose who YOU are.

Life Led Parenting understands that a family is not a static thing but is constantly changing as people develop and grow and their needs change.

Life Led Parenting understands that a family is also constantly being buffeted by unpredictable events such as promotions and work demands, job losses, reduced hours, lost income, divorce, house moves, inflation, accidents, illnesses, family deaths, family events, unexpected pregnancies etc.

Life Led Parenting also knows too well that right now the whole world is either coping with or trying to recover from Covid, and that parents are having to cope with

  • financial difficulties 
  • isolations
  • working from home 
  • returning to school and work 
  • reduced hospital services and support for birth and new babies 
  • fear over illness and contagion 
  • worries over socialising their babies and children
  • loss of loved ones
  • constant uncertainty and concern for the future

I understand that all of this is putting you under extreme pressure and that your mental and emotional health is suffering, and that this can prevent you from enjoying your baby like you should.

I know that what you need is reliable information you can trust to be sensible and unbiased (you don’t need being preached at and terrified with scare stories). Life with your new baby should be full of fun, not fear !

I know you need help from someone who actually listens to you and your specific problems and helps you with personalised solutions that make your own situation easier (you don’t need ‘1 size fits all’ or ideological, impractical plans that treat you and your family like robots).

I know that the best way I can support you is to help you become 

  • well informed 
  • confident 
  • self-reliant
  • adaptable  
  • resilient 

When you are all these things you will be able to cope with whatever life throws at you, now and every day for the rest of your life as a parent.

And because I recognise the value of every member of your family and treat them with respect and compassion, you will all be happier and healthier, both physically and mentally.

I give you the freedom to turn your back on all the bad advice, critical voices and scare stories.

Life Led Parenting helps you see clearly and think clearly and understand what is going on and why, and best of all, it gives you absolute freedom to parent the way you really want to parent, and to live the life you really want to live…free from guilt, stress, fear and judgement.

Take care,

Sarah x

The Author

I’m Sarah Norris, a Baby Care Consultant and Parenting Coach.

I have spent over twenty five years, often working 24 hours, 6 days a week, supporting hundreds of families with new or young babies aged from newborn to 12 months old, and often helping with their toddlers and older children.

I help parents discover what parenting style they want to use to care for their baby, and offer advice on different approaches that might suit them and their circumstances best.


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