After a difficult birth and a spell back in hospital, I don’t know what we would have done without Sarah. She was incredibly knowledgeable and reassuring from the start and is also very kind. Despite her long years of experience, she does not have a ‘know all’ attitude and set about getting to know exactly what was right for our baby and for us.

My milk took some time to come in after the traumatic birth. Despite all the challenges of the birth and a baby that rejected the breast, Sarah was very supportive of my choice to continue breastfeeding and gave me all the help possible. Through a painstaking process of getting the baby used to the breast while feeding with a bottle as we waited for the milk to fully arrive, Sarah helped us establish breastfeeding. It took several weeks to fully establish but I certainly wouldn’t have been able to do it without Sarah, her patience, advice and creative use of various pumps and props!

Sarah is practical and very professional. She is also passionate about helping people and wants to see important changes happen in the way women and babies are understood and treated. I found her dedication to her work and her desire to help others very inspiring. She has just written a book which no doubt will be extremely helpful to new mothers. We loved spending time with her and there is no-one I would trust more with our baby.

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