We employed Sarah Norris from when our youngest son was a week old on and off until he was 7 months. She is wonderful. Sarah was able to fit into our busy and noisy family really well. She immediately got Walter into a routine that felt totally natural and unforced and that he thrived on. Sarah has brilliant winding techniques. Walter was a windy baby and she was so patient at getting the bubbles out. It made him much calmer and more relaxed than he could have been otherwise. Sarah’s swaddling was a revelation. I can’t believe that I only discovered it on my fourth child. Swaddling was just brilliant for Walter and really helped him sleep for longer stretches. Sarah was lovely with our other children (7,6,4) & they are very fond of her. She was very good at including them with their new brother, helping them to hold him while making sure he was protected. Sarah travelled with us to Ireland twice and London many times, she came to three weddings and two funerals while Walter was only weeks old & also came with me to pony club camp where she had to juggle leading ponies with winding Walter. She is a team player, she did her job with Walter very professionally and also contributed by helping out with various other thing from picking black currants, linking sausages, potting jam & reading to the older children to name some of the activities she helped with. Sarah is a baby expert and she comes with my highest recommendation.

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