Are you struggling to get your baby to feed well  ?

Do you feel like you are always feeding ?

Not sure if your baby is really hungry ?

Can’t put your baby down to sleep ?



Let me show you how to make sure your baby gets

a good feed, every feed


I’ve spent the last 26 years with newborn babies and their families, working night and day, usually with baby in the room with me, so I promise you, I understand how exhausting and frustrating difficult and frequent feeds can be.


But over the years, I’ve come to understand that the best way to help parents and babies be happy, healthy and well rested is to make sure baby always gets really good feeds…and that is what I share with you in my FREE Download.


I feel I have learnt so much from you and am much more confident about understanding what my baby needs – be it feeding, winding, sleeping or play.

Thank you so much,



I’m Sarah Norris, also known as the Baby Detective because of my investigative mindset when I’m working with babies.

I’ve been working with babies for 26 years, and have directly helped hundreds of families in this time, either getting them off to a great start, or trouble shooting problems.

Everything I do is based on kindness, compassion and respect, and is backed up by science, research and experience, so you are in very safe and caring hands,

Sarah x

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