In the comfort of your own home.

Prepare for your new arrival in the Perfect Prep Ante-Natal Consultation, or enjoy learning all about your new baby with your partner or friends in the practical, hands-on Baby Care Masterclass.

These options are currently only available in London, or within a 10 mile radius of Knutsford in Cheshire. If you wish to book me outside these areas please contact me to discuss travel costs and practicality.

** Please Note – Payment for all Consultations, Calls, Follow Up/Written Reports and for Maternity Bookings up to 5 days will be invoiced at the time of booking, and must be paid within 24 hours in order to confirm the booking. Maternity Nurse bookings longer than 5 days will require a deposit of 1 week (5 or 6 days) to confirm the booking which acts as the final weeks pay, with the remainder being invoiced on a weekly basis and must be paid in full before the end of the booking. All payments are non refundable unless the booking is cancelled due to extreme medical emergency**


How It Works

Perfect Prep Ante-Natal Workshop.

This is your 2 hours for you and your partner to talk about anything that is worrying or confusing you, or to explore any issues raised in ante-natal classes/medical appointments in a more in-depth, personal way. You can steer the session in any direction you like, covering all or just some of the subjects mentioned in the pricing table.

If you are a single parent or have a partner who works away we can make sure you are prepared for every eventuality of the birth and early days, and that you have coping strategies in place to make things as easy as possible.

1-1 or Group Baby Care Masterclass.

This is for you to learn about your new baby, and become confident and competent about every aspect of baby care, in the comfort of your own home.

I come to your home, spend time getting to know you and your baby, and teach you how to care for them in very practical and safe ways. I am completely unbiased and non-judgemental and will use all my experience to help you explore your own attitudes towards parenting, and your needs as an adult whilst, at the same time, respecting the individuality of your baby and meeting their needs too.

My A.I.M Problem Solving process will leave you confident in your ability to see what is going wrong, understand why, and to correct it before things get out of hand. It will help you to plan ahead for medical appointments and social occasions, and also enable you to adjust routines to meet baby’s developmental milestones.

To keep costs down I offer the opportunity to book the Masterclass with one or two friends at a reduced rate per person.

In the group Masterclass the price is per client which, in this case, is the baby. This means each baby gets to bring 2 adults, so both parents can come, or 1 parent and a relative or other carer e.g nanny.

The parent that hosts the Masterclass will get a 45 min free phone consultation to take any time over the next 4 weeks.





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