I know its an advert but it is an excellent fun-poke at the competitive parenting that is all too common today.

Trust me…I have seen every single one of the stereotypes in the ad…they really do exist but, whilst it is funny on screen, it can be very unpleasant in real life.

Its crazy, but women who have gone through parenting classes with wonderful camaraderie can suddenly become judgemental, competitive and unfriendly once their babies have been born. I’ve seen it frequently when the Mothers get together in groups and subtle (or not so subtle) looks or comments make some women feel uncomfortable, pressured or alienated and, whilst some Mums brush it off, some others get very upset and stressed.

Women divide in to camps based on routines, breast or bottle feeding, baby wearing, crying regimes etc. The point is…it is totally unnecessary !

Every single Mother is going through the same thing, facing the same hurdles of tiredness, stress, worry, fear, and uncertainty. Please…..don’t do this to yourselves and each other when you could be an amazing powerhouse of support for each other.

Does it really matter how your friend is bringing up her baby ?

I have met parents of babies of all classes and nationalities and the one thing they all had in common was that EVERY single one of them just wanted what was best for their baby.

I have seen the rare groups of parents that get together in total open minded, accepting support and they are just heart warming to watch, passing on tips, figuring out each others problems, laughing at disasters and it all becomes so much easier.

All you have to do is be kind to each other and remember that, at the end of the day, you are all Mums and Dads together.

Sarah x


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