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Covid-19 Special Help

The sudden loss of our usual access to a support network has left many pregnant women and mums worried, stressed and afraid about coping with a new baby over the next few months. You may be suddenly having to cope with your toddler or older children at home at the same time as your pregnancy or new baby, and this can lead to exhaustion and overwhelm. The general atmosphere of confusion and panic can magnify any current problems, and contribute to anxiety and loss of confidence, and leave you feeling vulnerable, but you don’t need to cope alone

How I Can Help

I can offer immediate and effective help via phone and video link, and can give you step by step guidance and support with

  • Breastfeeding, Formula feeding and Combination feeding.
  • Reading your baby so you understand what they are telling you
  • Improving baby’s sleeping habits
  • Learning to recognise and deal with wind/burping
  • Finding the right routine to help you rest and cope
  • Problem solving and troubleshooting
  • Integrating your new baby with your older children’s needs
  • Becoming confident enough to cope, relax, and enjoy your new baby

How It Works

When you book your call you will be invited to email me with details of your situation and what you need help with. Then you will get your video call, via Zoom or Skype, where we will talk through your problems, discuss solutions and create a step-by-step plan for you to implement.

You will also get any demonstrations you need for feeding, winding, swaddling etc. After the call you will get a recording of our session so you don’t need to worry about taking notes as we talk.

If you feel you need ongoing support you can book more calls, or a series of calls.

If you feel you need more support than that you can book my Problem Solving and Progress Package which gives you 2 calls, plus unlimited follow up for a month via messenger, whatsapp and email, and is excellent for sorting out more complex feeding, sleeping or routine based problems that require support over several days.

30 Minute Phone/Video Call £49

This is your chance to talk through anything that is worrying you, or that you are struggling with. Whether that is help with something tangible, like feeding, sleeping, winding, routines, weaning, hygiene, illness etc, or  with emotions, anxiety, isolation or depression…this is your chance to get the help and support you need. You can book a one off, or a series of calls…this isn’t set in stone, tell me what you need and I’ll figure out a package for you. I know that things are crazy at the moment, but there is absolutely no reason why you can become confident, competent, and really enjoy your baby You don’t have to do this alone 

60 Minute Phone/Video Call £90

This is similar to the 30 minute call, but is ideal for more serious or complicated concerns. You can use these as a one off problem solver, or you could use them as a virtual booking by having one or more calls spread out over a few days, or alternate days, or whenever you like This would help you get settled after your birth, get in to a good routine, get feeding and good sleep habits established, and give you the confidence you need. I can supervise feeds via the video, teach you how to wind and swaddle, leave you to practice overnight, then the next day, review how things were going. Let me help get you off to a good start.

Problem Solving And Progress – Phone/Video Call

A 1hr phone  Skype or Zoom call, to discuss whatever problem you are experiencing during which we will figure out what is going wrong, and how to fix it. To help you implement your action plan, there will be a further 60 min call, along with unlimited text and email support for a month. Suitable for sleep problems, feeding difficulties, routine questions, confidence issues, pregnancy preparations…I can even give a feeding, swaddling and winding/burping demonstration over Skype or Zoom. For those worried about coping without a support network at the moment, if you book this in the first 2 weeks after the birth, it is also an excellent way to get you off to a good start, with good feeding and sleeping habits right from the beginning.


More Details

This is one of my most popular options because it is quick and easy, and usually available within a few days so you don’t have to wait. Once you have booked, I will  invite you to write down what is going on, or ask you to keep a diary for a couple of days if you don’t have the information recorded. During the consultation call we will use my problem solving technique to Assess, Investigate, and Modify, which, more  simply put is to see what is really happening, figure out why, and then fix it. We will work through it all together so you understand the process and will be able to apply the same process to future problems. Sometimes, in the middle of the problem it can be difficult to see things clearly, so my objective presence can help identify exactly what is going on. When we move on to understanding why things are going wrong, we will explore the factors that commonly affect babies, such as their own biology, their environment, and their basic temperament which is present from birth. These factors interact to create certain behaviour patterns, and by working through this, you will learn to read your baby, and be able to understand what they are trying to tell you. If your problem is confidence or anxiety, the focus will be more on you, but the principles are the same Using this information we will work together to find the best solution for you, your baby and your family because your own situation is as unique as your baby’s which is why ‘one size fits all’ solutions can be ineffective, and sometimes damaging. Once we have devised a plan of action I ensure that you are 100% confident in implementing it yourself by talking you through the process in detail, and providing you with any further information you might need e.g sleep training or feeding methods. After the call I will give you a recording of our session and write you an email summarising our conversation, usually the same day, but definitely within 24hrs. The unlimited support starts as soon as the call ends so you can email or text any questions or concerns you might have at any time. Most clients update me regularly (sometimes several times a day, which is fine), and we can then discuss how things are going, celebrate successes, and tweak anything that isn’t working. This way we keep in touch and work together until the problem is solved. Included in the months support is another phone call of 60 minutes (or 2 x 30 mins), which you can use anytime you feel it would be easier  to be able to talk something through, or just to get moral support. This package can also be used to help advance planning of a family, social or medical event, and to help cope both during and after an emergency situation. I have used this Problem Solving and Progress Package very successfully to help with problems with sleeping, daytime naps, routines e.g siblings school runs/activities, reflux management, colic, baby and family illness, travel (holidays abroad), breast, formula and combi feeding, winding/burping, weaning, PND and Anxiety, sudden hospitalisation of mum, lack of confidence, and returning to work, so it really is a powerful and effective tool. If you have any questions, or aren’t sure if it is the right option for you, please get in touch via the form below, or by email sarah@thebabydetective.co.uk x
Speaking to Sarah was a complete turning point.She gave me the confidence to understand my baby’s cues, and her advice on winding and how to do it effectively were game changing. I was at my wits end before I spoke to her, and the change was immediate – by the next day I was finally able to enjoy my 2 week old baby. I would recommend Sarah to everyone, and have already done so.

First time mum

My milk took some time to come in after the traumatic birth. Despite all the challenges of the birth and a baby that rejected the breast, Sarah was very supportive of my choice to continue breastfeeding and gave me all the help possible. Through a painstaking process of getting the baby used to the breast while feeding with a bottle as we waited for the milk to fully arrive, Sarah helped us establish breastfeeding. It took several weeks to fully establish but I certainly wouldn’t have been able to do it without Sarah, her patience, advice and creative use of various pumps and props!

First time mum

Sarah honestly saved my sanity and my health. My 5-month-old son’s sleep patterns had got so bad that he was up every 15-30 minutes in the night, and I was sleeping on the floor in his room. It was terrible and I couldn’t see how to fix it. We finally contacted Sarah, and I so wish I would have done it earlier. She was incredibly understanding, non-judgmental and pragmatic in her approach to finding the road back to normality. She provided practical steps in a detailed written plan, but more importantly she was always available by email afterward when I had questions or concerns – so incredibly supportive. Sarah knows babies, and she knows mums too!

Second time mum

Helping You Become A Better Parent With Personalised Coaching

Do You Want To Become A More Confident And Competent Parent, But Don’t Know Where To Start ?

You’ve done the antenatal classes, but you still have so many unanswered questions.

You’ve read  books, but they all tell you something different.

You have heard so many conflicting opinions that you don’t know who to believe.

If this is you, wouldn’t you like someone to guide you through the confusion, someone who is non biased and non judgemental, and someone who will tailor their advice to you, your situation, and your baby?

This is what personal parenting coaching is all about…this is what I do.

What Is Parent Coaching?

Your chance to be listened to and heard.

I won’t make assumptions, talk over you, dismiss your concerns or tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing. You can tell me absolutely anything, in confidence, and I will be there for you.

Your chance to ask all your questions, and get the answers you need.

Having a baby is the biggest learning curve you will ever face and you will have hundreds of questions. I believe parents have the right to accurate, and up to date information, and I will answer every single one of your questions honestly and without bias.

Your chance to have someone understand your situation, your problems and your fears.

I understand that you, your baby, and your situation are all totally unique, and that you need personalised advice and support, not a generic, one size fits all approach.

Your chance to get the help and support you need...now !

I know how quickly things can start to go wrong, and how quickly your confidence can be damaged. I also know what it feels like to need help NOW, which is why I offer phone/skype and email support…you will never have to wait to get help.

My Approach

Over the years I have seen so many different ways of parenting that I no longer believe there is any right or a wrong way. My approach is to work with the parents, listen to what you are saying, with an open mind, and respect your feelings and your parenting choices. Together we can crack breast, bottle or combi feeding. Together we can get your baby sleeping. Together we can build your confidence and skills, and enable you to relax and enjoy your baby.

Still Have Questions? Get In Touch Now.

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