Baby skin is perfectly balanced and is an important protective barrier so the less you do to it the better for baby. Here are seven ways to help your baby at bathtime…

  1. Newborn babies often cry when bathed because they feel very insecure so don’t do it unless you have to e.g. scary nappy or serious sick !

2. Resist bathing Baby for the first 2 weeks to give him time to get used to being naked without being scared.

3. Wipe face, neck, and other skin creases with cotton wool pads and warm water only.

4. Do not use any baby products….No matter what it says on the label, they all contain chemicals that can damage new born skin. After 2 weeks you can move on to bathing once or twice a week….still use only water, they don’t need anything else.

5. If you feel the ‘bath the baby’ urge or want to create a bedtime routine then gradually increase the frequency of the baths until you are bathing every day.

6. If your baby hates baths…….stop doing it for a week or two then try again.

7. Avoiding using all bubbles, shampoos etc. for at least the first 6 months will help reduce the risk of childhood eczema.Remember, babies do not need chemicals, warm water will do the job just fine.

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