How I Work.

I do not have specific sleep packages because I understand that everyone’s circumstances and needs are different so the prices are the same as on the Maternity Nurse Booking page, and on the Phone, Skype and Follow Up page but whatever option you choose will be focussed specifically on solving your sleep problem.

Please get in touch by email to discuss your situation and your needs, and to ask any questions or discuss options. Over the years I have seen and heard pretty much everything and no matter how hopeless it may seem to you reading this now, there is ALWAYS a way to make things better and get you that precious sleep that you and your family need.


Sleep Optimisation – For babies from Birth to 6 months of Age *Please note, this is not sleep formal sleep training and does NOT involve any crying*

This is simply looking at your situation, your family, your baby and you, and seeing what changes can be made in order for everyone to get as much sleep as possible.

To get as clear a picture as possible of what is happening I will send you a questionnaire to fill in before we start the actual problem solving which will require you giving me information about your situation, and keeping a diary of feed and sleep times for a minimum of 5 days before the consultation. However, I do understand that lack of sleep can push you to the very edge of sanity so in an emergency situation we can forego the sleep diaries and get you help as soon as possible.

The things we look at include baby’s routine, household routine, bedtime habits, naps, light levels, noise levels, feeding, walks, social activities, winding, temperament of parents and baby, health considerations such as medical conditions, illness, injury, mental health, tools such as swaddling and pacifiers, and props such as music, white noise and comforters as well as identifying and addressing any bad habits that may be going on (and don’t ever feel bad about that because bad habits are unbelievably common.  Babies are experts at training adults to do exactly what they want, and having lived the newborn life for 25 years I also understand that sometimes we will do anything just to get a few minutes peace, so you will get no judgement or disapproval from me !)

I will explain what effect all these factor may be having, and we will work together to adjust and  improve any or all of them to help maximise everybody’s sleep.

Sleep Training – For Babies and Children Over 6 Months

The Three Sleep strategies I use are known generally as

  • Controlled Crying – Usually used for babies that are still in their cot.
  • Gradual Retreat – Babies in their cots and for older children once they are out of their cot.
  • Rapid Return – For older children once they are out of their cot.

The system is the same for all these methods, initial fact finding via phone, email and/or questionnaire, discussion with the parents via Skype or Face to Face, assessing the situation, investigating the causes, and working together to evolve solutions that are right for your family. Quite often, with older children, there are more complicated factors involved, and often more than one problem to deal with so the initial questionnaire and record keeping play a vital role in allowing me to see what is going on. I understand that by the time you get round to seeking help you are often exhausted and at your wits end, and my adding to that with paperwork may be frustrating, but it is the quickest and most accurate way for me to get an overall picture, and it also maximises the amount of time I can spend on actual problem solving when we do get to talk or meet.





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