Hi Folks.

I have a great long list of subjects for babycare posts that I think are important or that might interest you and will work my way steadily through the list.

Some of the posts will be brief and to the point, but others will be much more in-depth, and I will also try and bring in other people with different strengths and experience as Guest Bloggers (the first of these is already in the pipeline and will be about Babywearing written by a fellow Maternity Nurse, Leigh Henderson)  but I also want to try and help you all as much as possible by writing about what matters to you the most.

I would love it if you would leave suggestions in the comments boxes below and tell me what you want or need to hear about. What is worrying you ? What are you afraid of ? What information or support do you need ? What are you finding the most challenging ?

The more suggestions I get the more I can prioritize my posts to get you the help you need or have the conversation you need to hear so please let me know what is on your mind. If you don’t feel confident writing here then please email me 🙂 x

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