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There’s only one thing I love more than seeing a happy baby, and that’s knowing that the parents are happy too – because a happy mum and dad means a happy family.

Here are a few of the testimonials I have received from parents who I have worked with…many of whom I have been lucky enough to remain friends with and have had the honour of watching their beautiful babies grow up to be great kids and adults!

“Sarah, quite literally, saved my sons life ! He arrived 5 weeks early and, unbeknownst to us, suffered from acid reflux with dire symptoms. During Sarah’s first few days with us, after one of his late night feeds, my son stopped breathing. It was Sarah who recognized that he was in distress and performed CPR, saving his life. Over the next 10 days, my son was in hospital whilst the doctors ran a battery of tests and it was Sarah who never left my side, who held my hand, who helped me to think clearly when I felt lost and afraid, and most importantly, it was Sarah who was the most supportive, understanding and loving person that one could ever ask for.

This book is full of easy to follow, practical advice that actually works! My sleepless 10 month old was sleeping through after following Sarah’s advice after just three nights, and more importantly for me, neither me or my baby were left feeling traumatised by the experience. Wish I had had this book in time for my first baby too! Jade Parfitt.

“I have worked with several maternity nurses over the past few years, and I can say without hesitation that Sarah is the cream of the crop.
To begin with, Sarah is extremely experienced and talented at her job. I contacted her in a state of desperation after by baby son had regressed significantly on his sleep training and feeding. We had been traveling throughout the summer, and he was totally disorientated and unsettled. Within a couple of days of starting with us, Sarah already had him sleeping through the night. She very quickly managed to get the measure of his personality and individual needs. By the end of our month together she had taught me how to understand my baby and the ways in which he was communicating with me. When it was time for her to leave, I once again felt confident and capable.
Secondly, she is incredibly professional. The best example I can give is when the en-suite bathroom where she was staying flooded over night, and the room needed to be completely cleaned and disinfected. Despite having to cope with soaking carpets and misplaced furniture for the best part of a week, Sarah made no issue of this and carried on with her job without any complaint. She is always practical and adaptable, no matter the situation she is faced with.
Finally, it is worth mentioning that she is a very intellectual and interesting person to spend time with. She has written her own book, is part of several support groups for mothers, and has inspiring aspirations to reform the way mothers and babies are cared for in this country. It is often overlooked when employing a maternity nurse, that you will be spending a lot of time with the individual in a very intimate setting. The fact that I got to spend this time with someone so interesting and with so much passion in her beliefs was a delight.
Sarah has been an enormous asset to our family, and we can’t wait to invite her back if and when our family continues to grow!”

“After a difficult birth and a spell back in hospital, I don’t know what we would have done without Sarah. She was incredibly knowledgeable and reassuring from the start and is also very kind. Despite her long years of experience, she does not have a ‘know all’ attitude and set about getting to know exactly what was right for our baby and for us.

My milk took some time to come in after the traumatic birth. Despite all the challenges of the birth and a baby that rejected the breast, Sarah was very supportive of my choice to continue breastfeeding and gave me all the help possible. Through a painstaking process of getting the baby used to the breast while feeding with a bottle as we waited for the milk to fully arrive, Sarah helped us establish breastfeeding. It took several weeks to fully establish but I certainly wouldn’t have been able to do it without Sarah, her patience, advice and creative use of various pumps and props!

Sarah is practical and very professional. She is also passionate about helping people and wants to see important changes happen in the way women and babies are understood and treated. I found her dedication to her work and her desire to help others very inspiring. She has just written a book which no doubt will be extremely helpful to new mothers. We loved spending time with her and there is no-one I would trust more with our baby.”



“Sarah honestly saved my sanity and my health. My 5-month-old son’s sleep patterns had got so bad that he was up every 15-30 minutes in the night, and I was sleeping on the floor in his room. It was terrible and I couldn’t see how to fix it. We finally contacted Sarah, and I so wish I would have done it earlier. She was incredibly understanding, non-judgmental and pragmatic in her approach to finding the road back to normality. She provided practical steps in a detailed written plan, but more importantly she was always available by email afterward when I had questions or concerns – so incredibly supportive. Sarah knows babies, and she knows mums too!” 
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“We were fortunate enough to have Sarah as part of our family for several months following the birth of our daughter and we cannot begin to say how amazing she was. Sarah is calm, re-assuring, extremely knowledgeable, very easy going and totally professional at all times. She got our daughter into an amazing feeding and sleeping routine from early on and was there to hand at all times to answer all our questions and allay any fears we had. She is quite simply brilliant at what she does!”
Jack and Shirley Baumer


“Sarah has been an enormous asset to our family. She is very kind, patient, gentle and friendly, integrates well while also remaining discreet and allowing my husband and me some time alone. She is always on call for help and always does so with a smile. She has cared for our baby beautifully, learning her cues and then teaching us. I feel I have learnt so much from her and am much more confident about understanding what my baby needs – be it feeding, winding, sleep or play. Clementine has been quite a windy baby and Sarah is tireless in her pursuit of burps which I am certain has played a large part in her being such a happy, easy baby. She has also taught us her brilliant winding techniques and swaddling which all my friends with babies are now copying!”
Rob and Florence Hall


“Since experiencing motherhood for the first time I have decided that the only thing I am really evangelical about is the invaluable help, advice and support of Sarah Norris. Sarah’s methods, centred around taking each child as the individual they are and figuring out a flexible routine that works for them and their family, are based on a mixture of her years of experience, thorough research into new advances and most importantly common sense. She is a brilliant teacher and although I had several weeks to accrue many of her techniques I don’t doubt that she is as effective with a more intensive timeframe. I found Sarah to be very easy to get along with and to fit in and around a brand new family dynamic. In short I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah”
Rebecca and Heron Guinness


“We employed Sarah Norris for a 6 week period after our son Jackson was born. Sarah met us at our home when we arrived from the hospital. Obviously being first time parents we were a little overwhelmed by the experience but Sarah straight away made us feel calm and helped us to establish a routine with Jackson from the word go. She immediately got Jackson onto a routine and he really thrived over the weeks. We decided that a combination of breast and bottle feeding worked best and Sarah made the entire process feel calm and enjoyable and gave me the opportunity to enjoy my time with Jackson with the support and help I needed. Sarah came to us with huge recommendations and one of the things that stood out was her winding ability and she did not disappoint. Not only did she teach both myself and my husband her amazing methods but Jackson was left calm and content which led him to sleeping through the night after 3 weeks. Sarah was just amazing!”
Natasha and Jack


“We employed Sarah Norris from when our youngest son was a week old on and off until he was 7 months. She is wonderful. Sarah was able to fit into our busy and noisy family really well. She immediately got Walter into a routine that felt totally natural and unforced and that he thrived on. Sarah has brilliant winding techniques. Walter was a windy baby and she was so patient at getting the bubbles out. It made him much calmer and more relaxed than he could have been otherwise. Sarah’s swaddling was a revelation. I can’t believe that I only discovered it on my fourth child. Swaddling was just brilliant for Walter and really helped him sleep for longer stretches. Sarah was lovely with our other children (7,6,4) & they are very fond of her. She was very good at including them with their new brother, helping them to hold him while making sure he was protected. Sarah travelled with us to Ireland twice and London many times, she came to three weddings and two funerals while Walter was only weeks old & also came with me to pony club camp where she had to juggle leading ponies with winding Walter. She is a team player, she did her job with Walter very professionally and also contributed by helping out with various other thing from picking black currants, linking sausages, potting jam & reading to the older children to name some of the activities she helped with. Sarah is a baby expert and she comes with my highest recommendation.”
Diana Guinness


“The first time I met Sarah was when she was doing some emergency work for close friends, I knew then that she was who I wanted by my side when the day would come that I would have my own baby. We interviewed a few other maternity nurses, but we knew Sarah would be just the person to help us through this amazing adventure we were about to begin.

Sarah arrived at our house a few hours after coming home from hospital with our son and instantly we felt in good hands. Throughout the following five weeks my husband, myself, and Sarah became a team and together she helped us learn about our baby; what things worked and what didn’t, how to swaddle, how to sterilise, how to prepare to go out for the day with our baby, figuring out what routine worked best for our son, the list goes on and on. She taught us to listen to what our baby was telling us and how to decipher his code. My husband would sit and question Sarah every night for about an hour and she patiently sat with him and answered every single question. Never once was she disapproving, judgmental or overbearing.

When thinking of bringing someone to live in our home we were a bit anxious about living in close quarters with a virtual stranger, however are fears quickly dissipated; In fact, we found that actually we spent much of our time in Sarah’s room chatting and learning. When finding out we were pregnant with number 2 Sarah was our first phone call, as we couldn’t imagine going through this again without her by our side. Again, Sarah arrived not long after coming home from hospital. When I saw her I smiled, gave her a hug and said “I’m so happy you’re here” and turned and went to bed knowing that my brand new baby was in the best hands imaginable.

I still call Sarah for advice when I’m stuck and use what she has taught me every day as well as pass on the knowledge to friends when they are having difficulty deciphering their babies. Sarah has become a member of our family and I will be forever grateful to her for helping make our introduction into the world of babies as amazing as it has been.”
Jaime and Johnny Cohen




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