Everything you need to know about your baby’s first year.

Helping you care for your baby with skill and confidence, and have a great time too!

What’s Included

Video Courses and Masterclasses

Easy to follow videos, answering all your parenting questions, with explanations, suggestions and advice on how to deal with all the challenges that a new baby brings.

Tips, Tricks and Checklists

Successful parenting relies on having an extensive toolbox of skills and strategies they can use to help them cope with their baby, and this is what I will be sharing with you.

Real Life Case Studies

I will be sharing real case studies, from real clients, to help you understand how difficult situations can occur, and how they can be investigated, and dealt with quickly and easily (mostly !)

Members Only Community

A group based on science, compassion and common sense, and strictly policed to protect against bias, judgement, shaming and false news.

A place where everyone is welcome.

Why Join the Parenting Academy?


Simply put, you’ll get everything you need, all in one place.


You won’t have to sift through your 10 parenting books, all giving different advice.


You won’t have to try and fit you or your baby in to someone else’s routine.


…and you will have access to me and my years of experience because I will be in the community 5 days a week, giving support and advice.

What you’ll get…


Reliable information from a trusted source


Practical tips, strategies and shortcuts based on 26 years of experience


Support and advice from someone who really cares


Strong, safe community free from judgement and shaming


Everything you need to know about your baby’s first year, all in one place

I really appreciate how responsive you are to questions and it is such a reassuring thought to know that if questions arise then I can get answers I trust so quickly.

After getting any baby advice the first thing I do is ask Sarah what she thinks. She will always explain the ‘why’ and not just the ‘what’ which has really helped me understand my baby much more. But the tailored advise is so invaluable compared to the generic advice given elsewhere.

She’s really given me confidence in weaning my son and reassured me all is going fine.

Being able to just ask a quick question online for reassurance or clarity is so unbelievably helpful when you’re a new parent and doubting every decision you make. Then in the calls you can go into more detail and she checks in with you and gives you advice on what’s coming up next to be aware of.

 I am a first time mum with lots of doubts. The support I get in the calls helps me build confidence as a parent and hopefully project this confidence on my daughter. Thanks for everything Sarah! Xx

In the short time my baby girl has been around I’ve learned just how many misconceptions about babies there are and how harmful they can be. The coaching calls have been such eye openers! I also now have a space to ask questions without being rushed, discouraged or judged.

Who is the Parent Academy For?

First time parents, single parents, parents with other children, adoptive parents, same sex parents, confident parents who want more insight, nervous parents who want help and support, people who know how they want to parent, and parents who haven’t a clue. 

Parents of single babies, and those with multiples. 

Parents dealing with ill health or difficult social situations, parents who stay home and parents who go to work.

Anyone who wants to know how to be a better parent during their baby’s first year of life!

What Will I Learn ?

How to get your baby in great sleep habits from birth, and solve any sleep problems.

Sleep is the Holy Grail of parenting, and so many people struggle with it, but there are actually lots of things you can do, from birth, that can mean your baby sleeps really well, allowing you chance to recover, and to enjoy being a parent. Recognising what your baby needs in order to sleep well, plus using certain sleep signals can make a huge difference to everyone’s quality of life.

If things have started to go wrong with sleep patterns, it is important to be able to see clearly what the problem is, figure out why it is happening, and find the solution that is right for you and your baby, in your particular situation…and this is what I will teach you.

How to breastfeed, formula feed, and combination feed.

Sleep problems are the biggest fear, but feeding is the biggest minefield.

There is so much confusion, contradictory advice, bad science, pressure and stress surrounding this whole topic, that it can be difficult to find any safe , sane ground.

I am equally supportive of breast, formula and combi feeding, and I have a huge number of tricks, tips and strategies that I can share with you.

You will learn how to know when your baby is hungry, or  properly full, how to supplement if your supply is low or if you are struggling, how to safeguard or build up supply, how to switch between breastmilk and formula, which formula to choose, which bottles are right for your baby, how to sterilise.

You will learn how to demand feed efficiently, and how to devise a feeding routine for breast and formula feeding…literally, everything you need to know about infant feeding will be there for you !

How to create gentle, flexible routines for every situation (even demand feeding)
Routine is another subject that can polarise parents, largely due to the misunderstandings about what exactly constitutes routine.

I will explain the differences between types of routine, and when each sort may be applicable.

A gentle routine can act as a scaffolding around which you can build your day, and by building in a degree of flexibilty, you can compensate for any activity or situation, as well as accomodating demand feeding.

A routine can also act as a base line to help you learn to recognise what your baby is telling you…how they react to hunger, pain, tiredness or overhandling, in fact when I am doing an emergency trouble shoot, the first thing I do is to put baby on to a routine (which I will give you) to create stability.

Babies are constantly changing from one phase to the next, so I will also teach you how to assess and adapt your routine to cope with your baby as they develop…you will always be playing ‘catch-up’ but you will be well prepared to deal with it.

How to cope with accidents and illnesses, reflux and colic.
Caring for a healthy baby can be exhausting, but caring for a sick or distressed baby is one of the hardest things you will ever do as a parent.

I will teach you what ‘normal’ looks like, and what to look for if you think your baby is unwell, and how to care for them and manage their symptoms in the more everyday illnesses.

Reflux and colic can be very distressing, but I will help you work through their symptoms to try and work out if that is what they have, and also help you talk to doctors and health workers get the proper diagnosis if necessary.

I will share all the techniques I use to help manage these conditions, and cope with the crying and the other symptoms involved, and how to take care of yourself in such a stressful situation.

How to cope with your own emotions and anxieties.
No one can ever predict accurately how they are going to react to the birth of their first baby, and hormones and emotions can run high.

We are led by society to believe things will be a certain way, but pregnancy and birth can always take unexpected turns, both good and not so good, which can leave you struggling to understand and process.

The key to coping is to try and remain open minded, and to look honestly at what is happening, and to realise that you are not the only one who has ever felt this way…you are not alone.

Everyone in the Parenting Academy has access to the learning material, but only those agreeing to be tolerant and supportive will have access to the online community, and together we will build an awesome base of strength and support that we can all contribute to, and tap in to, when we need it.

You will learn that as soon as you post about your problem or experience, there will be countless others letting you know they are going through the same thing, and offering encouragement and advice, because you will all become ‘Baby Detectives’

How to wind/burp your baby like a pro.
Trust me…this is more important than you can imagine ! Before your baby is born you wont even think about it, but after the birth it will be one of the most constant things on your mind.

Trapped wind causes pain, and a baby in pain will not feed properly or settle to sleep, or even relax to be cuddled, so thorough winding is vital.

I will teach you about your baby’s anatomy, how they get wind and why they get wind. I will also teach you the positions, movements and sequences you can use to chase out every last little bubble, whilst minimising the risk of your baby being sick.

You will learn how winding/burping can play a very important role in the management and treatment of reflux and colic and bring real relief to your baby, as well as helping you learn to read your baby so you can tell when they have wind, and when they don’t.

Available As Soon as You Sign up…

Foundation Course

Foundation Course

Foundation Course

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(with more content added every week!)




Get a sneak preview of the first course:

The Winding Toolkit

In 34 video lessons, The Winding Toolkit will help you to understand why your baby gets wind, how to recognise it, and what you can do about it.

The Vicious Circle of Winding

The Starting Position

I’m Sarah Norris, a Baby Care Consultant and Parenting Coach

My work has taken me all around the world, and has allowed me to work with many wonderful and interesting families, including celebrity parents such as Sienna Miller, Jade Parfitt, James and Jessica Purefoy and several member of the Guiness family.

I have spent over twenty five years, often working 24 hours, 6 days a week, supporting hundreds of  families with new or young babies aged from newborn to 12 months old, and often helping with their toddlers and older children.

l see my job as making myself totally dispensable by the time I finish with a client. I don’t just help, I educate and empower to the point where they no longer need me.

The weekly calls have been incredibly insightful, and having Sarah’s expertise on the calls but also always on hand via the Facebook group has been invaluable!

The online hub is well created and when we had an awful day due to wind around week 4, the Winding Toolkit Course was a life saviour and very quickly helped us to rectify our mistakes and install new practises which we continue to use today.

I look forward to the calls each week, and feel incredibly lucky to have such an amazing resource to hand for my adventure into motherhood.

Sarah is very quick to respond to my follow up queries in the Squad Room. The group coaching calls are also beneficial as I always get tips that help us.

We have a number of sleep related issues with our 4month old baby boy. After a couple of group coaching session & a one to one call with Sarah, we have seen significant improvements on sleep habits. We still have progress to make but with the continuous support, I am sure that we will get there.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Sarah through my cousin, and gifted a membership to the Baby Detective… and it has been beyond helpful in my first 8 weeks of a mum.


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